Wymering Manor



IMG_1627Wymering Manor, Portsmouth (UK) 2014

Portsmouth University

The ambition of this five-day event was to work with Wymering Manor Trust by assisting with the creation of inspiring, creative and beautiful design ideas to revitalise and reinvigorate the existing Wymering Manor currently occupied by the Trust.

‘Wymering Manor is the oldest dated house in the city of Portsmouth, and as such the Wymering Manor Trust is determined that when the building is repaired and reopened, visitors will easily be able to appreciate and understand the significance of the house within its present and past surroundings.’

Just under 60 Architecture and Interior Design students from the School of Architecture took part in the week-long event making up ten teams of Under-graduate and Post-graduate students. During the event students were given the opportunity of a site visit and tour of Wymering Manor which helped them with the design process. After this an intensive design workshop was held for one of the five days where 10 academic staff joined the Project Office team to assist students with designs and concepts. The week culminated in a professional presentation to the client and invited guests, of the students strategies, concepts and final proposals for the re-generation of Wymering Manor.

Client: Mr Andy Mason

Tutors: Martin Andrews, Amy Walker, Karen Fielder, Tod Wakefield

Stephanie Marshall (BA3), Diane Patterson (ID3), Stephen Read (BA2), Ioannis Miltiadou (BA2), Dan Paul Sueta (BA2), Elvira Salyahetdinova (BA2), James Mitchell (BA3), Lawrence Martin (BA3), Petya Tsokova (BA2), Kimberly Concepcion (ID2), Mircea –lustin Dobrean (BA1), Veatriki Evgenia Dimitriou (ID2), Bruce Armstrong (BA3), Maria Adelekun (BA2), Luke Roberts (BA2), Zanna Cecylia Piwko (ID2), Kintija Kaulina (ID2), Philippa Fairburn (BA1), Bruna Fleck (BA3), Megha Menon (BA3), Filiz Hyuseinova Mehmedova (BA2), James Norman (BA2), Gajan Panchalingam (ID2), Pernille Toresdatter (ID1), Harsh Malhotra (BA3), Manuel Urbina (BA2), Nur Al-joukhadar (BA2), Agnieszka Stawowska (ID2), Jennifer Louise Hagan (BA1), Tamara Miron (BA2), Charlotte Brisland (MA ID), Nikesha Walters-Morrison (BA3), Margaret Udonsak (BA2), George Alexandru Baciu (BA2), April Jane Battrick (ID2), Oliver Martin (BA1), Rachael Davey (ID3), Emmanuel Ayodeji Alade (BA3), Richard Moore (BA2), Daniel Antwi (BA2), Jane Lehtmets (ID2), Katharina Monsen (BA1), Pooi Leh Ang (BA3), Kiril Lyubomirov Kirilov (BA2), Renata Ribeiro (BA2), Sarah Roberts (ID2), Nathan Fairbrother (BA3), Parth Talaviya (BA2), Ameh Agamah (BA2), Gabriela Cavalcanti de Arruda (BA2), Kieran Taylor (BA1), Saroj Waiba Tamang (BA3), Angeliki Petrakaki (ID3), Nicolo Coelewij (BA2), Bruna Ferreira da Silva (BA2), Thomas Martin Pitcher (BA1) & Lorna Robertson (BA2)​.

Research Question:
Re-establishing the importance of Wymering Manor to the local community and providing the community with a renewed focal point for activity.

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