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Pro-forma for Live Projects Network Case Studies

To submit a case study to Live Projects Network, please complete the pro-forma below. Click here for more information about Live Projects Network.

Note there is file size limit of 4 MB. As a precaution please save a copy of the form before submitting and contact us at if you do not receive an automated acknowledgement.

Please complete this form describing your live project.

Normally completed by the project leader/tutor, however anyone with a good knowledge of the project is encouraged to submit.

We will review the submission and confirm receipt. All fields are required, except where indicated.




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    I agree to this project being included as a case study on the Live Projects Network website. Inclusion means that you are now a member of Live Projects Network.

    I confirm that I have obtained the consent of project participants to submit project information for inclusion as a case study on LPN and obtained any necessary permissions for information and images to be included.

    I consent to LPN sending me occasional information and updates about Live Projects Network.

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