Waterside Pool

6-Isabella-Ivanova-Lorena-Morales-Martin DSC01122 Jade-Harald-and-PanagiotisWaterside Pool, Isle of Wight (United Kingdom) 2016

University of Portsmouth

This year, the Project Office (an architectural practice embedded within the Portsmouth School of Architecture since November 2008) embarked on a new and exciting project focusing on the creation of inspiring and creative ideas to revitalise the existing Waterside Pool on the Isle of Wight which is currently operated by the Waterside Community Trust (WCT).

WCT envisage a transformation of the present stand-alone pool into a broader based leisure center with emphasis on health and wellbeing activities. An important aspect of the project is to ensure that Waterside Pool is sustainable and is able to meet the ongoing needs of the community.
30 students from Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses, including Year Out and Erasmus Exchange students, took part in the project which created an interesting dynamic and gave impressive results.
Students worked in small groups and each group was set a specific topic – developing a Learner Pool, designing Café & Restaurant connected to the Pool, developing dry side facilities and additional changing facilities.
The groups had 3 days during which they had to visit the site, prepare aspiration collages expressing their visions for the Waterside Pool, make 3D models, sketches and drawings to illustrate their ideas. On the fourth, final day, students had to present their work to the client which was followed by a Q&A session and a fruitful discussion.

Client: Keith Gentleman, Waterside Community Trust

Tutors: Martin Andrews, Lynne Mesher, Emma Dalton, Plamena Gamzova

Students: Adrian Ficut, Anaida Luis, Bernard Lai, Catherine Norris, Dalila Costa, Glyn Whibley, Harald Koefinger, Izabela Ivanova, Jade Toms, Jakub Namniestnik, James Radford, Jane Lehtmets, Karen Wan, Kristiyana Georgieva, Lorena Martin, Olivia Okwudili, Panagiotis Tsekos, Patrick Aprent, Paula Moura, Peter Chambers, Robert Bathgate, Rosie Hawes, Saroj Tamang, Shandesh Rai, Thomas Amoo, Toby Thurlow, Valerios Lavrentiades, Zainab Mohamed, Zeryan Hoshyar

Research Question: To look for ways to regenerate the existing site with the aim to maximise the effective use of facilities and make Waterside sustainable and easier to maintain. Develop the existing site so that it attracts more visitors and creates a warm and welcoming sense of arrival.


11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Commissioned, Days, Extra-curricular, Graduates, Portsmouth Univ., Postgraduate, Propositional, Self-funded, Students with tutor, Tutor-initiated, Undergraduate, United Kingdom