Vieta, Trondheim (Norway) 2015

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Veita is an urban design project done in collaboration between students from NTNU Live Studio, the Pstereo festival in Trondheim and the municipality of Trondheim.

In connection to the yearly music event «Pstereofestivalen» , a group of students have been collaborating with the festival and a city development program called «En blå tråd». The collaboration has resulted in designing and building an outdoor stair and seating area in one of the slopes in the public park Marinen in the city center. The structure connects the lower level of the park with the upper level, to support the circulation of thousands of people during the festival. To further take part in the dialogue about how the city should be developed, the project also focuses on creating spaces for people to use all year around, and the municipality have accepted it for two years, as a temporary experiment.

Marinen in Trondheim is part of the middle age city, closely connected to the cathedral. The grounds and the ancient city walls are therefore protected, making the site quite a challenge to build on. The whole structure is floating above ground, only fixed to a large concrete foundation in the bottom of the slope, to hold all the weight back. The wooden structure carrying the steps allocated the forces on multiple points spread out on the slope, instead of having fixed foundations. Due to the conditions, the collaboration between the students and the connected actors have been crucial for this project to become a reality.

The intention was to test if different needs could meet in one project. The steps could also be benches, a place to work out, and nets to climb in could also be a place to relax. The dialogue with the people using the area has resulted in important features, such as how the steps are designed, and the customisation of the bench close to the pathway. The projects serves as a tribune to the open green field of the park and the river Nidelva.

Client: Pstereofestivalen , NTNU, ”En blå tråd” v/ Trondheim Municipality, NTNU Live Studio

Project Leaders: Kristin Solhaug Næss, Hanna Landmark, Maria Therese Nervik

Project Group: Lone Moa, Ola Hassel, Jørgen Tellefsen Relling, Mariann Stensaas, Simon Dai, Nikolas Røshol, Hanne Karin Broch, Sindre Andresen, Runa Sandø, Kristine Øvstebø, Steinar Hillersøy Dyvik, John Mork

Lighting Design: Andreas Engleset, Øystein Fjeldbo, Bendik Kvernevik, Morten Kleveland, Ada Hoel

Research Question: How to use temporary architecture to expand the use of public space, together with solving circulation challenges during the Pstereo Festival.

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