UWE Show 2015

3 (5) 2 (5) 1 (3)UWE 2015 End of Year Show, Bristol (United Kingdom) 2015

University of the West of England

“UWE Bristol End of Year Show showcases and celebrates new talent, with students sharing their work with friends, family, the general public and potential employers, providing inspiration for all who attend.”

The project brief was to design and zoning of the End of Year Exhibition in which around five hundred students of the Faculty of Environment & Technology will be participating and displaying work in. Our vision for this project was to celebrate the momentous achievement of hardworking UWE students with an inspiring display of creative and intellectual work. As well as focusing on the benefits for students, the end of year show will also be great publicity for the University – showcasing the huge scope of work that the faculty enables their students to produce over the year. A variety of departments were considered throughout the design process as well as regular meetings between Faculty members and students of other departments.

A main aim of the project and the clients primary concern was to cost effectively create a means of representation that will help the students present but also allow the department to store and relocate around the building as well as move it to a later London Exhibition. Examples of our prototype presentation boards and plinths have been used multiple times throughout the department and we are hoping that they will be used for the final exhibition.

Client: Todd Burton (UWE Associate Dean), James Burch (UWE Senior Lecturer), Andrew Batchelor (Associate Head of Department – Product Design)

Students: Jon Twigg, Clare Heath-Pratt, Jason Hoholis

Research Question: To design a coherent exhibition using simple display systems to enable multiple disciplines to display varied project work in a way that can be relocated.



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