IMG_7103sml IMG_7129sml IMG_7176smlTreen (tree-screen), Aylesbury (UK) 2013

Oxford Brookes University

Situated in the new state-of-the-art mental health unit “The Whiteleaf Centre” in Aylesbury, our brief was to design a privacy screen for a courtyard path between two bedroom wings. This is to encourage people to walk the path and not the wings. We were tasked to create a module of the screen and test it in an offsite location. We hope to work with the client further and install the design on their site.¬†The centre is already working with artist Chris Tipping on the theme of growth and rejuvenation to mirror the improvement of the mental health of patients in the centre.¬†Building on this theme we decided plant growth was an effective but subtle screening material and through a series of tests developed a simple cut plastic bottle and ‘screw-attach’ system that allows users (staff/patients) to add their own plants to the ‘tree’ – reflecting the mental growth of patient in the plants.

Client: NHS & Tom Cox, Artscape Project Manager

Tutor: Ilona Hay

Students: Theo Jones (Co-ordinator) Egil De Lange Kobberstad (Back up Co-ordinator) Ilaria Lombardini (Programmer) Gina Hwang (Treasurer) Karolien Yperman (Researcher) Isik Tlabar (Documenter) Victoria Adegoke (Health & Safety) Aaron Harwood (Construction Manager) Dominic Ramli Davies (Back up Construction Manager)

Research Question:
Can an effective, subtle, less obtrusive screen be made rather than a fence?

Photographer: Theo Jones

Architecture, Client-funded, 0-10, Undergraduate, Months, +, Temporary, Aylesbury, Propositional, Collaboration, Curricular, Students with tutor, Oxford Brookes Univ.