The Paraguay Pavilion

AquaAlta_01 AquaAlta_02 AquaAlta_03The Paraguay Pavilion, Venice (Italy) 2014

Colectivo Aqua Alta (Independent)

The project for the Paraguayan Pavilion initiates with a participatory idea, and the desire to incorporate as many people from various fields and disciplines, at different stages of development and it’s subsequent construction. This self-management project reproduced in a series of parallel projects, initiated researches, study trips, a nomadic stage for the H20 orchestra. Throughout this process, we involved almost 300 people, including architects, professionals, professors, artists, students, both Italian and Paraguayan, as well as companies, organizations and individuals, with their input and work we were able to realize this challenge. Thanks to everyone’s effort the pavilion remained open for the six months of exposure and was dismantled in November 2014.

Client: 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia (2014)

Participants: Javier Corvalan, Sergio Ruggeri, Lukas Fuster, Sonia Carisimo, Francisco Tomboly, Nicolas Berger, Giacomo Favilli, Maria Gloria Gutierrez, Sebastian Blanco, Carlos Irigoitia, Fernando Szmuc, Katja Kostrencic, Oliviero Comincini, Joaquin Corvalan, Maureen Thompson, Marco Ballarin, Simone Cadamuro, Andrea Castellani, Nicola Bedin, Jesus Pereira, Rodrigo Resck, Maria Bertha Peroni, Jessica Goldenberg, Fernanda Garicoche, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Merlo, Ma. Paz Gill, Carlos Agüero, Marlene Ortiz, Viviana Pozzoli, Guido Yambay, Horacio Cherniavfky, Emmerick Braun, Viviana Andrada.

Research Question: Through technological, spatial and aesthetic research, tension transforms into a -structure-function- form- synthesis, and as a result, through a strong relationship between material, manpower and traditional methods of construction and logic.

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