Tensile Structures

2 3 1Tensile Structures, Lima (Peru) 2015

Universidad de San Martin de Porres

The project consisted of the design and construction of two 2 tensile structures using light PVC tubes. The structures were located in two existing courtyards within the University campus which are used by students of architecture as a place to meet and work.  The structures defines the space for the students but does not provide any form of shelter.

The structures were suspended with a perimeter string to create an enclosure between the two existing walls. The system works mainly in tension with some additional posts to add stability and create a more interesting form. Light PVC tubes were chosen as a material as they are affordable and readily available.

Each courtyard has a dimension of 6 x 3.50 meters. The proposal was designed based on the geometry and strength of triangles and pyramids which in some areas are supported by struts.

This project demonstrates the importance of construction experience in architectural education, providing the skills to enable students to successfully communicate with clients and construction industry experts. The second year students who participated in this project have benefited greatly from this experience.

Client: Universidad de San Martín de Porres

Tutors: Rodrigo Amoros Figueroa, Harold Noriega Chavez

Students: Alache Huanri, Katherin Emilia, Avila Echeverria, Maricielo Deyanira, Benavides Vega, Sharon Isabel, Benetello Ramirez,  Carlo Renato, Bueno Aliaga, Alisson Giomara, Cabrera Olivares,  Andrea Zhellidett, Cafferata Barron, Diego Alonzo, Calderon Diaz, Gabriel Hernan, Carhuas Canales, Estefani Luz, Castro Atoche, Henry Lorenzo, Cocchella Tello, Giuseppe Luigi, Diaz Rolando, Andrea Luccia, Espinoza Ccanto, Kimberly Fatima De Lucia, Estela Meza, Manuel Edson, Galvez Montalvo, Jhoselyn Patricia, Gamero Revilla, Franco Esau, Gomez Illatopa, Treycy Briggitte, Inoñan Jumpa, Harold Junior, Jimenez Chavarria, Gustavo Jesus,
Leon Narciso, Fernando De Jesus, Lopez Palma, Renzo Luciano, Lopez Valverde, Angie Stefanny, Malca Grijalva Alexander, Manyari Calle, Gabriela Stefany, Martinez Hinostroza, Katherine Angie, Moncada Vargas, Siloe Estefania,
Moreno Palma, Marilu Del Carmen, Moron Huanca, Juan Pedro Moscol Metzger, Maria Fernanda, Muñoz Capcha, Maria De Los Angeles, Palomino Arango, Jairo Ulises, Quispe Sanchez, Julia Marisol, Ruiz Cavero, Silvana Rebeca, Sutta Llontop, Elizabeth Mercedes, Torrel Ramos, Evelyn Sofia, Valle Ahuanari, Gianella Arminda, Vargas Machuca, Mendoza Christian,

Research Question: The project aims to give students the opportunities to get construction industry experience.

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11-50, Architecture, Curricular, Days, Initiated by institution, Peru, San Martin de Porres Univ., Self-funded, Semi-permanent, Students with tutor, Undergraduate