Studio Daingean



IMG_1943Studio Daingean, Daingean (Ireland) 2014

University College Dublin

Studio Daingean was established as part of a MArch Year 1 Studio at UCD Architecture. Working with representatives of the local community students made strategic and detailed propositions of the future of Daingean town. The town is undergoing slow social, economic and physical change and is surrounded by bog landscape – a landscape which is either being protected and therefore “frozen” or else is becoming the site of new large windfarm projects. Students work to understand, discuss and propose a future for this town using its built resources and potential.

Client: The people of Daingean

Local Rep: Malachy Mangan

Tutors: Emmett Scanlon and Alice Clancy

Darragh O Shea, Justine Ackers, Merel Bykerk, Rob Curley, Andreas Bakken Smedas, Andy Howell, Caryn Chan, Deborah Cullinan, Michelle Murphy, Rosie Smallwood, Ailish Walker, Mary Smith, Matthew Mullin, Paul Campbell, Simon Moosbrugger.

Research Question:
The project was established to examine appropriate future ways in which the people of this town might use their built environment and landscape to offer socially and economically sustainable futures for its inhabitants.


+, 11-50, Architecture, Collaboration, Curricular, Ireland, Months, Postgraduate, Propositional, Self-funded, Students with tutor, Univ. College Dublin