Solar Decathlon House,  Cali (Colombia) 2015

London Metropolitan University

Solar Decathlon is an international competition for university-industry teams to design, build & operate sustainable housing solutions powered by solar energy. At the final phase each team has 10 days to fully assemble the prototypes.

SOL_ID is Team Heliomet’s latest project entered into Solar Decathlon Latin America and Caribbean. Students, specialising in architecture, engineering, sustainability and urban design are invited to participate in creating a new typology of urban social housing, operating primarily off solar power and using innovative material solutions.

The team designed and built a 1:1 prototype of a housing solution that can be incorporated into a 1,400-hectare eco-friendly development in Cali. Team Heliomet is run out of Unit 4, an architectural research unit on the Professional Diploma in Architecture (RIBA II) course.

SOL_ID is an adaptable unit that can meet all the different challenges faced within a large-scale social housing project. The design achieves this by becoming a “kit of parts” with small “pods” arranged to create living spaces between and within them. The unit is surrounded by a screen that helps create privacy however can also be moved and adjusted to create social spaces between neighbours.

Client: Solar Decathlon

Tutors: Jonas Lundberg, Elian Hirsch, Nate Kolbe and Eva Diu

Other Facilitators: Price& Myers, bre

Students: Anastasia Ana-Laura Mohirta, Heather Graham, Ann Lin, Conor Scully, Derek Opara, Edoardo Perani, Ergys Peka, Jack Boyns, Mark McKee, Reggie Reynolds, Henriette Backer, Holly York, Kit Smithson, Lauren Campany, Oliver Hester, Peter Dew, Riam Ibrahem, Selini Serefoglou, Zaeem Ahmed, Nick Bastow, Sebastian Gey, Alessio Colizza, Aquilino Perez, Carlotta Conte, Shenpei Ha, Victoria Havercroft, Clare Reid, Edward Couper, Elliot Dunn, Julie Hutchinson, Laura Penman, Meis Alsaegh, Nick Stone, Oleg Sevelkov, Richard O Hanlon

Research Question: How can a student live project deliver a highly insulated, lightweight, zero net energy, solar powered prototypical house and a new typology of urban social housing to be realized for the Solar Decathlon competition?

Links: Team Heliomet, London Met Coverage

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