Skye Shelter

01 02 03Skye Shelter, Isle of Skye (United Kingdom) 2013 –

Skye Shelter (Independent)

Skye Shelter was initially set-up to offer opportunities for architectural students to collaborate on small-scale live build projects over a week.

Student initiated in 2013, this site-specific project has many challenges and not only tests applied creative problem solving, but also relies heavily on a skill-sharing ethos in which each participant is involved. Whilst primarily the venture centres around addressing the challenges of working on a small-budget, to a tight timeframe, in an off-grid environment, and working with resources to-hand; it also provides a perfect opportunity for the group to gain further insight into how buildings work and are constructed. We challenge ourselves to construct small watertight interventions in a short space of time. This year will see our third weeklong project.

Taking inspiration from recent small timber bothies and Brian MacKay-Lyons’ Ghost Laboratory; Skye Shelter aims to not only provide a unique opportunity for designers to explore the building form, but also offers the potential to refine a poetic structure to sit within an outstanding landscape.

Client: Residents and Visitors to the Isle of Skye

Other Facilitators: Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh School of Architecture

Research Question: To explore the ‘haptic realm’ and examine the process of compressed time-constraint construction. What is learnt, and how is this then applied through design, theory, and thinking about future projects?

“The haptic realm of architecture is defined by the sense of touch. When the materiality of the details forming an architectural space becomes evident, the haptic realm is opened up. Sensory experience is intensified; psychological dimensions are engaged. The complete perception of architecture depends on the material and detail of the haptic realm, as the taste of a meal depends on the flavours of its ingredients.” STEVEN HOLL, WORKING WITH DOUBT (BUILD; URBAN ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN)


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