Sex brennt



Abb_8_IMG_2069_kSex brennt. Magnus Hirschfelds Institut für Sexualwissenschaft und die Bücherverbrennung, Berlin (Germany) 2008

Kunsthochschule Weissensee

This exhibition was initiated by the Magnus-Hirschfeld-Society in Berlin and realized in the building of the Berlin Museum of Medical History, which is located on the campus of the Charité Hospital. The exhibition was structured by a 100-meter long and 2.15-meter high wall made of undulated cardboard, designed and built for this occasion. The curved wall served as an Ariadne’s thread, guiding the visitors through the exhibition. It also contrasted the existing space and atmosphere, forming five enclosed spaces used to show videos and slide shows. The wall had openings of different size and form, which were treated as showcases for the objects to be exposed. It also served as a background on which images and texts were applied. The last section of the wall had shelves which allowed for the disposal of about 115 large-size postcards. The visitors were invited to choose their own exhibition souvenirs from these cards for free. The exhibition was on show form May 7th to September 14th 2008; the materials used were recycled later on.

Clients: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft and Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum (BMM) der Charité

Curator: Rainer Herren

Tutors: Eran Schaerf and Christian Gänshirt

Students: Ofri Lapid, Gunnar Voss, David Polzin, Tobias Becker, et al.


Research Question: How to use undulated cardboard at a large scale for exhibition architecture. This implied aesthetic, spacial and structural questions, and development of production methods as much as acoustical, olfactory and fire protection issues.

+, 0-10, Art & Design, Client-funded, Extra-curricular, Germany, Initiated by institution, KH Berlin, Months, Postgraduate, Semi-permanent, Students with tutor