Sensory Bench

London (UK) 2022

University of Westminster, UK

The Sensory bench project was part of the Green Fund initiative and students developed this exciting project as part of the Live Design Practice.

The idea is to re-green the rear podium of the Marylebone campus, with the modular pentagonal design, made out of scaffolding boards. Maria Kramer said “Students learned about the entire design and construction process, we had meetings with makers to discuss detailing and feasibility and students took the lead on the construction, learning so much from the complexity of managing the different aspects of building, including health and safety procedures.”

Through the design, our team aims to improve the experience for students, staff, and visitors to Westminster University campus. The seating encourages social connection on campus, which enriches the experience of students, staff, and visitors. The seating offers a place for people to connect with nature, and escape from hectic city centre, therefore improving wellbeing at the University. Furthermore, the seating offers the potential for learning, by providing a place for informal tutorial sessions within a natural setting and enriching students’ learning experience.

This project exists to further develop the knowledge for live-build projects and to enhance student’s employability and green credentials. Students were able to experience first-hand the entire design and construction process, which is often difficult to obtain in an academic, as well as in a professional environment. Students will be able to experience the complex, non-linear process, engaging with stakeholders early on in their career and learn about plant life and biodiversity.

Client: University of Westminster

Other facilitators: The Green Fund Initiative

Tutor: Maria Kramer

Students: Rebecca Wells and Christ Prothero

Research question: Relationship ecology and humans coexisting; re-greening; widen students’ learning.


Photography: Chamitha Ekanayaka Mudihanselage

0-10, Architecture, Extra-curricular, Initiated by institution, Months, Permanent, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Undergraduate, United Kingdom, Westminster Univ.