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Summer Interns 04Summer Interns 01Summer Interns 05South East Coastal Communities, Portsmouth, Havant and Fareham (UK) 2009-19

University of Portsmouth (UK)

Following a pilot scheme in 2009, eight postgraduates were employed to work on three projects during the summer of 2010. South East Coastal Communities funded the programme, which was co-ordinated by the Anglican Diocese of Portsmouth and the University of Portsmouth Project Office. Three projects were chosen for their strong community focus. St Faith’s church in Havant wanted to open redundant grounds to the local community. St Columba in Fareham required a new, 21st Century church and the EC Roberts Centre in Portsmouth sought ideas to upgrade its existing family-contact centre and community facilities. The initial focus for each project was contextual and community analysis. The Interns then worked collaboratively to develop strategies and concept designs. In order to achieve this, a timetable and fixed budget were provided to produce postcards, banners, books, models, posters, websites and drawings for each client. The students were self-directed. They organised the studio and the content of the output.

Overall, the programme provided the interns with a vehicle to undertake paid architectural consultancy work within an academic and practice-based context. They developed business, design, presentation and leadership skills, whilst all three clients benefitted from innovative and inspiring concepts. Material composed during this programme further facilitated a yearlong first year Diploma core-curriculum project at St Faith’s church, Havant during the academic year 2010-2011. This culminated in a public exhibition of the students work.

Research Question: Student and community engagement within a synthesised academic and professional context.

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