Portland Works

Portland-Works-2 Portland-Works-3 Portland-Works-1Sheffield (UK) 2013.

The University of Sheffield.

The team worked in partnership with community owned Portland Works to produce a sustainable vision for its future use. The Portland Works [grade 2 listed] site currently lets low cost workspace to tenants supporting a varied number of small businesses and traditional crafts.

This project aimed to encourage skill sharing between the local community and tenants at Portland Works, ensuring that the site’s wealth of traditional craft expertise isn’t lost whilst maintaining its historic working context.

The group addressed this with client agreement by focusing on:
-Improving the site’s currently unwelcoming entrance whilst maintaining security for tenants
-Introducing a ‘makers lab’ with equipment that can be utilised by tenants, teaching workshops and other interested parties for work’s community profit.
-Implementing way-finding strategies that make it possible to find and advertise tenant’s work.

The project’s legacy is an instruction manual which will enable Portland Works to continue the future implementation of agreed ideas and strategies. Prototypes and images were presented to stakeholders at an event held at the Works, the feedback from which directed the final document’s content. The event also acted as a catalyst, generating positive interest and discussion between shareholders about the future vision.

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Portland Works

Participant Names
Client: Portland Works: Julia Udall and Colin Havard

Students: Amy Hill, Paul Passano, Oliver Hardisty, Xinzhu Zhu, Alexander Dewick, Helen Simpson, Robbie Ormrod, Calum Shields, Lucy Greaves, Xi Yang, Dongmiao Zhao, Lu Xu, Qihao Pan

Mentor: Leo Care

Research Question
How can architects work in residence to develop collaborative design proposals for a community-led organisation?

11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Curricular, Days, Postgraduate, Propositional, Semi-permanent, Sheffield Univ., Students with tutor, Temporary, United Kingdom