Piso por Pasos

Captura Pisos-x-Pasos AFICHEPiso por Pasos (Steps to Improve Flooring), Medellin (Colombia) 2014

Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

The main objective of this project is to design a low cost durable floor for people who live in what is categorized as “extreme poverty”.

According to Maslow´s pyramid (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), peoples privacy and security are positioned above peoples physiological needs. This suggests that improving the quality of habitat improves peoples quality of life.

Homes of people in “extreme poverty” can be improved in various way however the project focuses in on one of the UN’s sustainable development goals, “the house does not possess dirt or sand floor”. Therefore we considered that having a roof does not provide enough protection if peoples homes do not have a sturdy and durable floor. The flooring designed, protects the family within the home from health risks such as a humid atmosphere which occurs from having a dirt floor.

Clients: People in “extreme poverty”

Facilitators: Jayson Sneider Pelaez Ramirez & Jhon Alejandro Sierra Giraldo

Research Question: How can industrial design improve the quality of life of people living in poverty?


0-10, Art & Design, Building Science, Colombia, Construction, Curricular, Initiated by institution, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano, Months, Self-funded, Semi-permanent, Students with tutor, Undergraduate