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finished__audience_1_003a420c3a420cOutdoor Stage, Kronberg (Germany) 2011

The CASS / London Metropolitan University

The project was initiated for a set of informal cultural organizations in Kronberg, started in June 2009. The first local engagement on the site in Victoria Park (Germany) brought together an informal group of local people who became the project client. A common brief was established which manifested the desire for a physical structure – one that could host cultural and community events.

Students took on different roles throughout the academic year from acting as agents for the project, graphic designers, offering tea to designers and presenting 7 different proposals to the local community. A design proposal by the student Craig Harrison-Smith’s was selected to be built. Ornamented panels create a feeling of domesticity in the public park, imitating a local wallpaper pattern created for the former residency of Victoria Emperor Friedrich, who lived in the town and who established the park.

The stage was opened in May 2011 with performances by local groups. Due to local policy and the status of the park, the structure was initially only granted permission to stand during the summer months and was designed in a way to be dismantled and stored for the rest of the year. However the success of the stage in its first year convinced the council to support the project to such an extent that it is now a permanent feature, with a new roof covering the whole stage and catering for larger events.

Client: Kulturinitiative Kronberg and Stadt Kronberg

Tutors: Sandra Denicke-Polcher and Torange Khonsari

Students: Studio 3 students from 2009/10. Built structure designed by Craig Harrison-Smith.

Research Question:
How can students contribute to the success of community projects by acting as agents for a common aim? / What role can students play in making community projects happen, and how can they bring about change to existing rigid development plans to allow for creative, participatory projects?

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