Operazione Arcevia 2.0

Pavillon-comp night-pavilion pavilion-backOperazione Arcevia 2.0 – The Pavilion, Arcevia (Italy), 2013

UNIT+ Collective, London Metropolitan University

In 1972 Italo Bartoletti initiated Operazione Arcevia Comunità Esistenziale with a number of contemporary artists of the time. Introducing the idea of an existential community, they wished to develop a new architectural landscape. UNIT+ collective have been developing Operazione Arcevia 2.0 in collaboration with the local community and Riserva Privata San Settimio. To date a number of interventions have been carried out.

The concept of the open air studio was developed in response to that of the existential community. The Pavilion is situated alongside the Riserva’s largest lake and is aligned to frame the sunrise. Not wanting to be limited by the chosen material, the decision was made to de-construct the pallets and use the wooden slats to develop the design of the structure. It was constructed in its entirety in a 5-day workshop culminating in a community event. Unit+ was initiated in 2012 whilst many of its participants were still in undergraduate education.

Client: Residents of Arcevia

Participants: UNIT+ Collective – Nicolo Spina, Luke Miles, Massimo Dorigo, Florian Siegel, Jordana Lyden-Swift, Laura-Sophie Bohrenson, Matteo Blandford, Annabel Bann, Hara Anastasiou and Elisabetta Sforza

Collaborators: Riserva Privata San Settimio and Cecilia Verdini

Research Question: Operazione Arcevia 2.0 endeavours to discover the potential of the link between landscape, design and community.

Link: www.unitplus.co.uk

+, 0-10, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Days, Extra-curricular, Italy, London Metropolitan Univ., Semi-permanent, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Undergraduate