treshold-space-design_group2 Reader-ULab_group8-7 studierende-arbeiten-plakatiertNordNeukölln, Berlin (Germany) 2012

Technische Universität Berlin

“NordNeukölln” is a cooperative project of the Urban Research and Design Laboratory (U-Lab) of the Berlin Institute of Technology and various partners, students and stakeholders. The project was focused on urban housing and social infrastructure in the adjacent areas of the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin, an inner city 3.5 km² (now) public space formally used as the Tempelhof Airport (THF), as well as the Karl-Marx-Straße (KMS), a major street in the neighboring district of Neukölln.

The activities included research in socio-spatial structures in the areas, the participation in collaborative planning workshops with planners and the contribution in the in-situ laboratory NordNeukölln. The aim of the design project was the development of strategic concepts, planning frameworks and the analysis of typological and functional mixed concepts for urban living and trade. During the practical project work the laboratory dealt with the design proposals on the location and subjects in both research works as well as in the testing of new media.

During the project’s runtime, the U-Lab and its students worked closely with stakeholders both on a professional and citizen level in NordNeukölln, the city of Berlin and the university using various dialogue formats in 2011 and 2012, as well as participation in a large-scale public art event, “48h Neukölln” in 2012.

The U-Lab was initiated in 2010 at the Technical University of Berlin. Based on the model of dialogue formats it encourages exchanges between teaching, research and practice, responding to demands of interdisciplinary project work as well as case study-based and activity-oriented functioning in the education of future city planners, urban designers and architects.

Client: District of Neukölln

Tutors: Dr.-Ing. Paola Alfaro d’Alençon, Dipl.-Ing. Bettina Bauerfeind, Dr.-Ing. Daniela Konrad

Other facillatator: Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Katharina Rohde, Quartiersmanagement Schillerpromenade, Ulla Luther, DAZ, Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, Aktion Karl-Marx-Straße, Institut für Stadt- und Regionalplanung TU Berlin, TEAS FU Berlin

Students: Alisha Doha, Alyssa Weskamp, Andres Ochoa Riegner, Arsel Türker, Bao Kai, Daniel Orth, Thomas Dotzler, Gerrit Eggers, Hannah Nagl, Hao Xinghuan, Haura Zahid, Henrike Warning, Hu Er, Huang Zhen, Hunag Yu, Jens Bayer, Katharina Rupnow, Kudusi Kudulaiti, Li Zhenning, Liu Qian, Luisa Schäfer, Lun Li, Mareike Limber, Marianna Karakosta, Jessica McInally, Neumann, Fabian Maria Oikonomou, Philipp Schopf, Rüdiger Schröder, Sabine Hoffmann, Sarah Klohn, Johannes Schittenhelm, André Schwarz, Solveig Hoffmann, Violeta Burckhardt, Jens von Mulert, Xi Jiaoru, Yang Tingting, Zhang Xiayun, Zhao Xintian

Research Question:
Which developments are taking place concerning housing market and social structure in NordNeukölln? / Which potentials/risks can be found at the develpoment of Tempelhofer Feld? / Which role will NordNeukölln play for Berlin in the future?

+, 11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Curricular, Extra-curricular, Germany, Initiated by institution, Months, Planning, Postgraduate, Propositional, Self-funded, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Technical Univ. Berlin, Undergraduate, Urban Design