Nooks and Crannies

1 2 (2) 3 (2)Nooks and Crannies, Bristol (United Kingdom) 2015

University of the West of England

‘Nooks and Crannies’ is a UWE Master of Architecture ‘live’ project that worked with Centrespace Studios. Centrespace is a cooperative of around 30 artists and craftspersons based within the Historic Centre of Bristol. The project started with an investigation of the local area and an understanding of the various actors and users in the area. It then made a series of suggestions for improvements to Centrespace Studios, Leonard Lane and the surrounding context.

The outcomes of project included an event that engaged with Centrespace members to develop ideas and aspirations for the future use of the existing Bridge at Centrespace. On the same day, a temporary street painting event was held that aimed to enhance Leonard Lane. Following on from the event a design for a small artists studio in the existing bridge was carried out. The design allowed artists to display art on rotating screens built into the walls of the bridge that aimed at having a positive affect on the street. The proposal also allowed the bridge to double up as a screen to be projected onto for use at an outdoor cinema event. The ideas were presented to the members of Centrespace as well as being exhibited at the galleries Christmas exhibition.

Client: Centrespace

Students: Eirini Gri, James Prior , Jenny Boddington, Danny Wenmoth, Brynmor Williams

Research Question: To use participatory processes to redesign tired urban fabric to make a positive contribution to the immediate environment as well as potential users: Explored through a re-design of an existing link bridge and access lane at Centrespace Studios, Bristol.

Links: Hands-On Bristol

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