New Wortley: Lobby

New Wortley, Leeds (United Kingdom) 2019

Leeds Beckett University (United Kingdom)

Project Office @ Leeds Beckett University is a design and research collaboration of staff and students. It has been involved in architecture and design projects in New Wortley since 2009 developing a strong relationship with the community. It has completed or is currently working on seven design projects in the area. This particular commission, is for a new entrance lobby for the original community building. The poor state of the existing entrance puts people off using the centre’s facilities and resources, so the brief states that the intention of the new entrance is to make the centre more welcoming to local people. The project commenced with an undergraduate architecture design studio Live Project in 2016. The preferred student concept design by Gerson Almeida was developed by Project Office with participation from community stakeholders. It was constructed by a local shopfitter, with internal elements made by students and the community.




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New Wortley Community Association: Bill Graham, Maureen Ingham, Kimberley Frangos, Bryan Bloom, Gary Potter, Teresa Milligan, Rebecca Houlding & Andrea Edwards.


Tilework Participants: The kids from WASP!; Castleton Primary School

Artwork Participants: Rebecca Houlding, James McKenna, Andrea McKenna, Darragh Poyser, Sarah Gellar, Mandy C, Cat Murphy, Garry Ibbitson, Yvonne Springer, John Barber & Gareth Robinson.

Consultants: Mason Clark Engineers; Gez Pegram & Anca Butnaru. Cost Consultant BWA; Andrew Gaunt.

Contractor: Chippendales Shopfitting; Jamie Hacker, Daniel Chippendale & Kris Long.

Material Donations: Bereco Group, Bradford Community RePaint, Jeld-Wen UK, Rockpanel, Dobson Construction & Leeds Beckett University.


Craig Stott and Simon Warren


Students working with Leeds Beckett School of Architecture Project Office: Graham Davey; Hanzla Asghar; Michele Prendini; Gerson Almeida. Leeds Beckett School of Architecture Students: Usman Ali, Mariam Aslam, James Ballard, Calvin Bateson, Callum Bleasdale, Leo Braga, Connor Buckler, Marco Chan, Joe Chapman, Olivia Dale, Mohit Gera, Callum Hairsine Krebs, Kate Hopkins, Fozia Iqbal, Carla Izurieta, Sameerah Khalid, Pedro Landim, Ramone Matthew-Franklin, Adrian O’Hagan, Anisah Parveen, Alexandra Rinder, Zain Siraj and Will That Ton.

Research question

How effective and replicable is a design strategy based upon using discarded &/or recycled building materials?

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