Merzifon Station

Merzifon Station, Merzifon (Turkey) 2017

MEF University

Built within the remaining walls of a watermill ruin in Merzifon, Turkey, the timber structure, sized 890 x 235 + 265 x 135 cm is the outcome of collaborative work by 16 participants from MEF University, FADA (Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture): 14 first year students and 2 professors carried on an intensive period of 3 weeks of observing, talking, designing and constructing the “station” swiftly in midsummer. The station marks the beginning of a hiking trail that dives into the valley of the town, situated on the northern lining of the central Anatolian plateau, home to ancient civilisations. The structure is a rational composition of simple 5/10 cm timber sections and boards, providing exhibition surfaces. The void between the existing mill walls and the station serves as a peripheral space, a linear path of communication between the old and the new. All is saluted by the dancing streaks of Anatolian sun, filtered through the articulated skin of the station.

Client: Municipality of Merzifon

Collaborators: ÇEKÜL Foundation

Tutors: Kürşad Özdemir, Ozan Avcı

Students: Oğuzhan Yıldırım, Tutku Ak, Arif Şahin, Furkan Enes Apaydın, Berra Nur Bay, Zülfüye Yıldız, Ece Savaş, Nevres Arın Aydoğdu, Oylum Akgul, Berfin Cantekin, Ahmet Faruk Akdeniz, Resul Emre Kaba, Burak Özcan, Gizem Gerçek

Research question: How do design and construction processes interact in a limited time frame with limited resources in a rural context?


+, 11-50, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Days, Interior Design, MEF University, Permanent, Students with tutor, Turkey, Undergraduate