Made in Hayes

sewing-club streetview
tea-and-cakesMade in Hayes, London (United Kingdom) 2012-2016

The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University

In 2012, John McDonnell MP instigated a collaboration with Cass Projects to establish public arts and architecture projects in Hayes. Over the past four years, students from Art, Architecture and Design have proposed and delivered projects with local partners including: YMCA Hayes, Hillingdon Community Trust, Old Vinyl Factory, a local housing estate and a local canoeing club.

During the first year of the projects, The Cass inhabited an empty shop and called it Made in Hayes. This provided a face for the projects and a base for students to gather opinion on the past, present and future of Hayes. Since then, the students have continued to work with local communities in Hayes, exposing hidden histories and developing contemporary contexts.

All the installations build on the local contexts in order that they enable existing networks rather than acting as fixed term installations. For example the ‘Austin Estate Sewing Club’, initiated by student Susan Kudo in 2014 has now become a constituted group that has raised its own funds to become a community enterprise on the estate.

The impact of the projects and how they have developed in Hayes has demonstrated the flexible and inventive ways that art, architecture and design students work to engage, to represent and to enable local communities through social and physical impacts.

Clients: Local community groups (Austin Estate residents, Hillingdon Play Association, YMCA Hayes), local businesses (Hayes Town Centre Partnership, Old Vinyl Factory (Cathedral Developers)) and local politics (Botwell Ward Councillors, John McDonnell MP)

Tutors: Sandra Denicke-Polcher (Architecture), Torange Khonsari (Architecture), Jen Ng (Architecture), Stephanie Rhodes (Architecture), Geraldine Holland (Architecture), Lara Kinneir (Spatial Planning and Urban Design), Mark Brearley (Spatial Planning and Urban Design), Patrick Brill (Fine Art), Susan Andrews (Fine Art) and  Simone ten-Hompel (Jewellery and Silversmithing)

Students: 2012-2016 Students of BA Architecture, MA Spatial and Urban Design, MA Fine Art and BA Jewellery and Silversmithing

Research Question: The role of art, architecture and design in enabling self sustaining, community led live projects.


CASS Projects

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