IMG_0935aMacroMicro Sustainable Communities, Cottown (UK) 2014

University of Dundee

MacroMicro Studio is situated in a research-led practice-based context, asking students to engage in live architectural problem-solving from their position within the academic environment. The 2013-14 studio was primarily focused around a live research project developed with the National Trust for Scotland which concentrated on enablement proposals for the 18th Century Old Schoolhouse in Cottown, an existing mudwall and thatch-roofed house located in a semi-rural environment. The Schoolhouse is a relic from a lost local vernacular once widespread throughout the Carse of Gowrie, and provides a catalyst for conceptualising alternative theoretical models for new sustainable approaches to regionally responsive housing development. The students’ principle focus was to develop alternative spatial and technical concepts for affordable, low-energy housing with a form and identity directly related to the site’s particular geographical location.

Proposals were developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders and specialist consultants to address the broader requirements of the Scottish context in terms of sustainability, low energy use, material resources, high quality space and the competitive market place. The formal propositions used different scenarios based around alternative forms of sustainable rural living practices, structured landscape and new rural housing types which were a direct response to the specific semi-rural context.

Client: The National Trust for Scotland

Tutors: Dr Neil Burford and Carol Robertson, with stakeholder contribution from Perth & Kinross Council and Perth & Kinross Heritage Trust, and consultant contribution from the University of Dundee’s Physics and Planning disciplines.

Students: Year 5 – Sigrid Aasma, Sophie Roberts, Louise Smith, Simon Sword, Cameron Wilkie, Blair Young

Research Question:
Theory and design of sustainable communities, regional form and identity, the relationship between people, place and environment, design for minimum energy, and spatial, material and formal quality

+, 0-10, Analytical, Architecture, Collaboration, Curricular, Dundee Univ., Months, Postgraduate, Propositional, Self-funded, Students with tutor, United Kingdom