Louna Architects’ Bookshop

The Louna Architects’ Bookshop, Louna (China) 2018

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

After decades of concentrating resources on urban industrial development, China has turned its attention to its rural areas where it is sponsoring a variety of development initiatives. One of these is the Louna International Architects’ Village initiated by Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine and CBC (China Building Centre), which occupies a small, beautiful valley called Louna, in Yilong District, Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Louna International Architects’ Village is viewed as a “Peach Colony”, a Chinese reference to an idyllic dream. In pursuance of the policy of “rural revival” “and “beautiful countryside”, this Village gathers renowned architects, artists, scholars and cultural workers from home and abroad, such as Ryue Nishizawa, Seung, H – sang, and Xingang Li. UED and CBC invited The Scarcity and Creativity Studio, AHO, to design the village’s bookshop. Architectural education is a significant component of rural revitalization and Louna International Architects’ Village is committed to become a research and education center focused on future rural revival.

Client: Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine and CBC (China Building Centre)

Tutors: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio, Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness, Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski

Students: Martin Tosterud, Ane Marie Jakobsen, Anne Ringstad, Karoliina Mäenpää, Kim Neubüser, Kristine Heimdal, Nuria Tarres Rosello, Sigrid Frida Thunberg, Elvira Fernandez Mateos, Johanne Michelsen Hoffmann, Tarjei Svalastog, Mengxue Gu.


Research Question
Modes of revitalization of the countryside?
How could a bookshop in an developing context look?

Link: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio, AHO http://scs.aho.no



+, 11-50, Architecture, China, Client-funded, Commissioned, Months, Oslo School of Architectrue + Design, Permanent, Postgraduate, Students with tutor