Live-LGBT-1 Stakeholder map 4 Concept diagrama FINALSheffield (UK) 2013.

The University of Sheffield.

LGBT Sheffield is a charity that aims to work with the existing services in the Sheffield to provide a wealth of support and information for people who fall within the diverse spectrum of minority sexualities and gender identities that are often referred to under the umbrella of the “LGBT Community”.
Live LGBT is a project that evolved out of the need for a dedicated space in the city centre that can cater for people of all ages within this category, many of whom are underrepresented and have limited access to support. Working closely with LGBT Sheffield, existing support organisations and various community groups, the team has explored potential strategies for what this space should be, how it should be organised and what relationship it should have with both the LGBT community and the wider population of Sheffield.
Live LGBT hosted a series of participatory events in association with a range of LGBT organisations. Participants were invited to engage in: a mapping game enabling people to express what parts of the city they felt comfortable or unsafe in expressing their identity; and a façade game that encouraged debate about visibility and how a centre should relate to the streetscape.

Participant Names
Client: LGBT Sheffield

Students: Armand Agraviador, Gopi Bhuptani, Yuting Dai, Nicola Dale, Richard Fennell, Yaying Feng, Elin Friberg, Valandis Kallis, Yu-Hsiang Lai, Niamh Lincoln, Kelly-Marie Rodgers, Katherine Wong, Yibo Yang

Mentor: Simon Chadwick, Florian Kossak

Research Question
How and where can a supportive facility for the LGBT community be developed in Sheffield?

+, 11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Curricular, Days, Postgraduate, Propositional, Sheffield Univ., Students with tutor, Temporary, United Kingdom