Liminal Prototypes

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Liminal Threshold Prototypes, London (UK) 2013

Unit A, Oxford Brookes University

Oxford School of Architecture students in undergraduate Unit A investigated liminal conditions with an approach of ‘design through making’. Students conducted hands-on research into the material qualities of plywood and set out to fabricate full scale threshold prototypes.

Eight groups of 3 students experimented with a range of techniques by working with plywood of thicknesses between 1.5m and 18 mm, comprising glue-lamination, cold-bending and kerfing. The final prototypes were manufactured during an intensive three day digital fabrication workshop. Each group learned at first hand to overcome practical aspects of manufacturing and refined their crafting techniques in the process.

The work of the students was exhibited at Eco-build in March 2013 in London at the sponsor’s stand.
The 1:1 prototypes also functioned as studies for the design of a bespoke threshold to a larger space that would enable new relationships to form between various local and metropolitan domains. This larger space was developed as a design studio project sited at “Silicone Roundabout” in East London.

Client and sponsor: Arnold Laver Timber Merchants

Tutors: Carsten Jungfer and Emu Masuyama

Students: Maxine Agyemang, Dylan Baker, Jack Boyle, Alessandra De Mitri, Benjamin Ellis, Kilian Kleine, Kyungsoo Min, Darren Ng Fuk Chong, Shahgari Ramachandran, Harriet Waine, Feng Yang, Joshua Aylett, Henry Battey, Maria Damoutzidou, Ara Ko, Jennifer Macro, Plamena Momcheva, Ieva Rutkauskaite, Shreni Sanghvi, Karisma Shoker, Rosemary Sinclair, Susanne Stavseng, Risa Tadauchi, Hallam Tucker

Research question: Can 1:1 threshold prototypes create new forms of spatial practice to reconcile local and metropolitan scales?

Link: Prototypes under construction at Grymsdyke Farm

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