Jardim Brasil Wetlands

Recife (Brazil) 2019

Ateliervivo (Independent)

The MuralStudio series of workshops explores the coordination of collaborative mural painting activities as a way of provide rich educational experiences as well as offer improvements to public spaces.

A workshop for a mural along a boundary wall in a neighbourhood square examined the feasibility of using predeveloped grid-based designs to paint double storey murals using minimal material and equipment within the timeframe of a single day.

A wetlands scene composed of abstracted geometric designs of local fauna and fauna was developed in the weeks leading up to the workshop. Contact with the community took place through sharing rendered images in a neighbourhood Whatsapp group.

Beginning with a brief introduction to the objectives, techniques and safety considerations participants swiftly divided into teams to collaboratively translate five designs to the walls. The simplicity and clear definition of the designs meant that the painting process could be undertaken with a high level of autonomy. In the afternoon local kids were involved in painting butterfly patterns on an existing mural.

The fast-paced process allowed for a rapid immersion into a complete creative process; from discussing the site and design, understanding materials, tools and techniques to reflecting on the final outcome and witnessing community interaction.

Client: Jardim Brasil Neighbourhood.

Tutors: Ateliervivo: Michael Phillips, Rachael Carter, Natan Nigro.

Invited Collaborator: Julia Monteiro.

Students: Igor Nunes Goulart, Flora Cintra, David Maciel Leite, Lucas de Rocha, Danielle Marinho, Jose Eduardo.

Research Question: How to develop collaborative mural painting workshops to offer improvements to public spaces and rich educational experiences?

+, 0-10, Architecture, Ateliervivo, Brazil, Days, Graduates, Graphic Design, Initiated by institution, Self-funded, Students with tutor, Temporary