Jam Manufactory for Naxií

12-04-06_mex_marc8341 12-04-06_mex_marc8438 SDC13950A Jam Manufactory for Naxií, San Jerónimo Tecoatl (Mexico) 2012

Technische Universität Berlin

An academic DesignBuild project from the first sketch to finished buildings.

The project is a facility for the production of jams and conserves.  The desired spatial program includes two main functions that are embodied in two buildings: A production area and an area for education and workshops. The design features two structures separated by a landscaped slope. The slope made from slate-stone masonry and clay mortar and provides stability to the higher structure.   The buildings are constructed from adobe brick walls which were manufactured on site. The walls have been specifically designed to tolerate the seismic activity common to the region. Considerations were taken when designing the site to think about growing fruit and vegetables, access and circulation, erosion control and rainwater management. The proposals needed to be financially and technically sustainable, also in terms of seismic requirements.


Function: Food processing and capacity building
Location: San Jerónimo Tecoatl, Oaxaca, Mexico
Building site approx.: 10 m x 20 m
Kitchen Building: 5 m x 8 m; Assembly Hall: 4,50 x 6 m
Planning Time: 3 months
Building Time: 7 weeks

Client: Union de Mujeres Unidas NAXIÍ

Academic Partners: Dipl.-Ing. Ursula Hartig, Dipl.-Ing Nina Pawlicki, Ba Hons. Dip Hons. Simon Colwill CoCoon (Architecture); Prof. Cordula Loidl-Reisch, FG Landschaftsbau/Objektbau (Landscape Architecture)
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Weinhold; Prof Dr. Klaus Rückert, FG TEK (Civil Engineering)

Other Facilitators: CAMPO – Centro de Apoyo al Movimiento Popular Oaxaqueño, A.C. (Logistics, Project Implementation, Research) UNAM – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Atelier Max Cetto (Project Implementation, Research), Wolfgang Schäfer, Deutsche Beton Marketing Ost (Concrete); Nils Dallmann (site measurements)

Students: Sofia Ceylan; David Eder; Karoline Fahl; Annika Falkstedt; Kareen Feldhoff; Sebastian Gnaedig; Stella Goldmann; Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Polo; Philip Kempfer; Franziska Kreft; Katharina Laekamp; Mónica Lamela Blázquez; Emmanuel Laux; Philipp Müller; Christian Neumann; Andrea Olvera; Lucia Pasquali; Jan Rösler; Marbet Salazar; Alberto Sanchez; Armin Schropp; Jessica Schulze; Mara Schultze; Gabriel Spera; Florian Zwangsleitner

Links: Cocoon Studio, DesignBuild Exchange


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