Ideas for Sharrow



Making-ConnectionsIdeas for Sharrow, Sheffield (UK) 2005

University of Sheffield

The project has been focused around the emerging Development Framework for Sheffield and ideas about how the Sharrow Neighbourhood can be represented in it. The main outcome of the project has been the “Ideas for Sharrow” document. In it the different visions for the redevelopment of the John Street Triangle and the wider area of Sharrow are discussed. It outlines different approaches to areas in Sharrow and aspirations for them, such as: A Market for Sharrow, the renovation of John
Street and the problematic connection with the city centre and St Mary’s Church.

The project has left a trace on the development of Sharrow. Colin Havard shared that after his involvement with the Live Projects and seeing the impact building environment can have on a community and vise versa, he set up the Distinctive Sharrow project, which has later had a great influence on the area. The produced document has been used as the basis for the feasibility study later undertaken by the authorities and the created Discinctive Sharrow Toolkit which has assumed the role of a Neighbourhood Strategy, adopted by the City Council.

Client: Colin Havard (Sharrow Community Forum)

Tutor: Aidan Hoggard

Students: Keith Binnie, Robert Collister, Ben Leach, Julia Udall, Malcolm Lorimer, Lawrence McCleery, Chris Preston, Jamie Thompson

Research Question:
This project has worked within the context of the new emerging Sheffield Development Framework (SDF) and within Sharrow as an example of a community on the edge of the city that needs to define its vision in relation to the framework and the proposed Cultural Industries Quarter CIQ).

Link(s): Sharrow Community Forum / The Distinctive Sharrow Toolkit /

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