Graduate Fashion Week

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Exhibition stand for Graduate Fashion Week, Earl’s Court, London (UK) 2008

University of the West of England

Fashion students worked with architecture students from years 1, 2 and 3 to design and build an exhibition space for the Graduate Fashion Show. The project allowed students of both disciplines to explore the common and intellectual principles to design and build a hybrid space that suited both. The overall design aimed to form a consistent and neutral background on which to display the fashion studentsā€™ work, whereby the architectural statement was only made through the play of light. This concept ensured there was a ā€˜blank canvasā€™ for the exhibiting students to present work. The project was a steep learning curve for the students as they had to balance all aspects of the design process: budget, clientā€™s preferences, transportation, time constraints to construct and de-construct the stand and the sourcing and ordering of materials. The successful outcome of the project was due to the participantsā€™ willingness and commitment to give their time and work as part of a team. The excitement of building something real and the prestige of attending the Graduate Fashion Show helped the team to gel and work towards a common goal. This project enhanced the learning experience of the students and boosted their confidence, enthusiasm and motivation.

Client: Department of Creative Industries, UWE

Tutors: Elena Marco, Rachel Sara, James Burch

Students: Peter Spall, Melissa Patterson, Guiditta Martello, Thomas Smith, Mathew Spencerā€“Small, Purdita Whiting, Patrick Fallon, Claudia Lengui, Angela Jacobs, Mathew Hedges, Nia Morgan, Rachel Hare, Alfie Ā Hope, Alejandro Gonzalez, Jason Skelton

Research Question:Ā How can the common and intellectual principles that underline both fashion and architecture come together to create a hybrid space to suit both disciplines?

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