Graduate Bar

2913294_orig 3834694_orig 9234765_origBCU Graduate Bar, Birmingham (United Kingdom) 2015

Birmingham City University

In the two weeks prior to the BCU Graduate Exhibition students participate in “events weeks” which engage them  in contributing towards the realisation of the show. The Level 4 Architecture students were challenged to design, make and build a fully functioning bar to serve the exhibition audience: around 1000 visitors, staff and students attending the opening night of the graduate exhibition celebrating the end of the academic year 2014-15 and showcasing the achievements of the students of the School of Architecture. Within a tight budget and timeframe the project had to succeed!

The task tested the ability of the students and their progression through their first year of studying architecture. It also evaluated their skills not only in design and construction but also in collaboration, coordination, management and communication.

This project was also used as part of staff research into the impact of blogs and e-learning on projects such as this one.

Client: Birmingham City University Graduate Show

Tutors: Victoria Farrow (Course Director), Tom Tebby (Assistant Lecturer)

Students: Aron Walters, Koto Usifo, Simon May, Denisa Bumbas, Liam Schulz-O’Connell, Ryan Steed, Rasna Mall, Karol Andrea, Amrit Thatti, Hassan Al-Hashimi, Haroon Mehrban, Natasha Grapes, Abdul Azeem, Mozakir Ali, Charlotte Arnold, Charlotte Taylor, Jessica Turne

Research Question: Evaluate the students’ progression through the course by introducing them to a live project


Link: Project Blog


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