Ghosts of San Jose

Ghosts-of-San-Jose-3 Ghosts-of-San-Jose-2 Ghosts-of-San-Jose-1Ghosts of San Jose: Urban BrandScapes Workshop, San Jose (Costa Rica) 2013

University of Strathclyde / Veritas Universidad

The workshop was part of the ADU 2020 Programme and looked at city identity – the brand globally and the perception locally. Unit 5 identified existing barriers within the city, particularly those which prevented tourists fully accessing the city.

Unit 5 discussed the way in which citizens of San Jose navigate their city: not through street names and maps, rather through landmarks and distances. This method becomes complicated when one realizes that many of the ‘landmarks’ no longer exist physically, only as memories.

As such, Unit 5 developed a network of Ghosts and built temporary installations as physical manifestations of these lost landmarks to aid with way finding and city accessibility.

Tutors: Derek Hill, Jose-Ali Porras, Adrian Aguilar

Students: Unit 5

Research Question: Global Projection v Citizen Perception

+, 0-10, Architecture, Costa Rica, Curricular, Days, Initiated by institution, Postgraduate, Propositional, Self-funded, Strathclyde Univ., Students with tutor, Temporary, Veritas Universidad