Field Station Gateway

1_fieldstation-gateway 2_fieldstation-gateway 4_fieldstation-gatewayField Station Gateway, Kansas (USA)  2013

University of Kansas

The Dirt Works Studio was invited by the University of Kansas Field Station to design and build a new entrance gateway to their Research and Operations offices and the Armitage Education Center. The site is located in northern Lawrence, Kansas. A thirty-five foot long rammed earth wall rises from the earth, as the site’s surrounding trees rise up from the prairie landscape. The Field Station Gateway will serve as a threshold between the surrounding landscape and the Field Station, offering signage and direction to those visiting the site, as well as paying homage to the prairie environment surrounding it.

Client: Kansas Biological Survey

Tutor: Chad Kraus

Students: Damon Baltuska, Melody Benyamen, Michael Burch, Zac Dawson, Ryan Falk, Justin Gomez, Maria Guerrero, Emily Held, Benjamin Jensen, Lindsey Jones, Jim McLarty, Scott Moran, Lauren Reinhart, Kevin Staten, Scott Stoops, and Tu Tran

Research Question: The studio continued its research into earthen architecture, focusing on forming techniques and industrial byproduct admixtures.

11-50, Architecture, Client-funded, Commissioned, Curricular, Kansas Univ., Months, Permanent, Students with tutor, Undergraduate, USA