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Fabrications, Oxford, 2011

OB1 LIVE, Oxford Brookes University

The Story Museum invited year one architecture and interior architecture students to design prototypical environments for storytelling. The projects utilised everyday and recycled materials and ranged from interactive shelves to hybrid chairs and were all presented to representatives from The Story Museum. The Story Museum’s Cath Nightingale said: “They were asked to design seating for those listening to, and telling, stories.” Story Museum co-director Tish Francis said: “The designs were fantastic – we were surprised and delighted. The quality was amazing.” Continuing, “The Story Museum aims to surprise and delight – and we were thoroughly surprised and enormously delighted by the wit, imagination and enthusiasm which Oxford Brookes University first year architecture and interior architecture students brought to their debut assignment. They picked up the brief and ran with it, understanding our approach to story and storytelling and to the building itself.”

Students: Maxine Agyemang, Thameenah Ahmad, Dana Alshamali, Charles Anslow-Wilson, Michael Armfield, Alistair Backhouse, Nicholas Bailey, Dylan Baker, Aymui Ban, Adam Barlow, Maya Basdal, Nikita Benjamin, Charlotte Birch, Callum Boult, Charlotte Boyd, Jack Boyle, Benjamin Brook, Matthew Brown, Edward Campbell, Jack Clay, William Colebrook, Grace Crannis, Rachana Cycum, Isobel Dale, Laura Davis-Lamarre, Mathew Deeming, Michael Dixon, John Elliott, Benjamin Ellis, Eliz Erdenizci, Savizeh Eslami, Christian Fernandez Escoda, Christos Floros, Annika Francis, Amy Frost, George Frost, Francesca Ghavami, Henry Gibbon, Edward Gillibrand, Maryam Gohari, Alexandra Grant, Gabrielle Greer, Sofie Grieg, Wojciech Gryz, Joyce Gyimah-Asante, Samantha-Josephine Hagan, Mariana Hankova, Lucy Hariades, Aaron Harwood, Alexander Hawkings, Giselle Higgins, Sophie Hindley, Kiera Hintze, Felicity Holmes, Preben Holst, Tokio Honda, Alexandra Horsman, Fred Howarth, Ayesha Issadeen, Elizabeth Jarman, Olivier Jauniaux, Fartun Jimale, Aaliyah Juman, Sahir Kabani, Rami Kanaan, Prerana Karnawat, Tumem Khuram, Kilian Kleine, Caroline Klemp, Sunniva Kvaleberg, Sara Lage, Hongjiang Lang, Esther Langley, Valentine Lenoir, Claire Lewis, Huangbin Li, Dika Lim, Yuen Liu, Katherine Llewellyn, Carlos Loureiro Silva Pinto, Brandan Magie, Frederick Mawhood, Hugh McNeil, George Michelin, Thomas Moore, Jessica Morley, David Neal, Darren Ng Fuk Chong, Natalie Nolan, Robert Nunn, Lisa Oforji, Siti On, Panayiota Orthodoxou, Rebecca Outterside, James Palmer, Daniel Panico, Jessica Paterson, Carys Payne, Jack Perry, Stephanie Phelan, Katriona Pillay, Emily Powell-Tuck, Jayson Quayle, Nathaniel Reading, Katie Reilly, Christine Roman, Theodore Roseland, Vita Rossi, Barnaby Row, Joanna Ryterska, Dougal Sadler, Kirlon Sanchez, John Scammell, Jennie Schneider, Iris Senel, Cameron Shackley, Peter Sienkowski, Wellesley Sjafei, Rebecca Smale, Oliver Smith, Polly Smith, Pei Fen Song, Alexia Soteriou, Tatiana Southey-Bassols, Jacob Spradley, Fiona Stephens, Jacob Sturdy, Alexandra Tagkali, Robert Tavare, Isobel Taylor, Oliver Taylor, Sally Taylor, Zoe Taylor, Uday Thapa Magar, William Tolfree, Jaina Valji, Vilde Vanberg, John Venier, Anna Voicehovsky, Harriet Waine, Elizabeth Waters, Aaron Williams, Oliver Williams, Freddie Wiltshire, Jessica Wood, Emily Wright, Frances Wyatt, Feng Yang, Thomas Yudin.

Tutors: Jane Anderson, Colin Priest, Colin Smith, Emu Masuyama, Orestes Chouchoulas, Milan Stamenkovic, Rob Houmuller

Photography: Orestes Chouchoulas

Architecture, Days, Undergraduate, Self-funded, +, Temporary, 101+, Collaboration, Curricular, Interior Architecture, Students with tutor, Oxford Brookes Univ., Oxford