Ephemeral [Ex]tension

PippaHaleLynch-Community-EngagementPippaHaleLynch-Initial-Proposal_cropPippaHaleLynch-Workshop-with-Clients_cropEphemeral [Ex]tension to Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth (UK) 2012-13

Plymouth University

The project is set on the grounds of Stoke Damerel Community College to the North of Plymouth. Stoke Damerel, like many schools here in the UK, throughout its lifetime have gone through multiple growth phases without a coherent site strategy. Therefore, most of its buildings and the surrounding spaces/open spaces suffer from a lack of identity most of which are of temporary construction. The community college was one of the unfortunate schools in the South West to have their plans for “Building Schools for the Future scheme” to be axed by the coalition government and this circumstance has added a level of socio-political flavour to the project. In principle the project’s typology is educational, however there is a strong element of social interaction with the community college students and the rest of the community. A series of consultations via workshops [making models, mood board, and dream spaces] with year 10 community college pupils has been set up at each stage of the four stages of the project [Analysis, Proposition, Development, and Communication]. The outcomes of the design unit students’ work will be judged by the same year 10 pupils at the end of this academic year.

Client / Participants: Stoke Damerel Community College, Year 10 pupils and the Design
Department tutors headed by Tim Welbourne.

Tutors: Dr. Sana Murrani, assistant architects James Lingard and David J Ray

Students: Alex Fedyk, Alex Lorimer, Astris Paraskevopoulos, Chris Penford, Edward Lee, Jack Dicker, Karolina Kulakowska, Kirsten Cree, Lilly Hein-Hartmann, Mike Stinson, Orestis Michelkis, Pippa Hale-Lynch, Sam Launders, Steph Metaxas, Svetla Necheva, Tzvetan Kjossev, Andrew McOmie, Barkin Celiker, Daniel Coombes, Daniel Stone, Danny Wilkins, Excel Rasanen, Hazel Hodge, John Adcock, John Carter, Laurence Hudson, Liam Whitfield, Nebotjsa Ravic, Nora Pau, Oluwaseun Keshiro, Sarah Lee, William Jo Burleigh, Yannick Scott

Research Question: Establish an enquiry into the different possible spaces for creative learning experiences that allow inter/trans-disciplinary learning. Engage with a process of dialogue-making-feedback within the social context of the community college to develop the brief and their design allowing for spatial differentiation. Develop a close relationship between the qualities of the spatial design and its tectonics from the very early stages of the design process.

Links: Phase One / Phase Two / Design Unit blog

+, 11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Curricular, Initiated by institution, Months, Plymouth Univ., Propositional, Self-funded, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Temporary, Undergraduate, United Kingdom