Entry Room

Entry Room. Health and Wellbeing Project 2, São Tomé de Paripe, Salvador, Bahia (Brazil) 2017.

University of Newcastle, Australia.

A second visit to the Sao Tome de Paripe community located on the outskirts of Salvador, Brazil by the Peter Stutchbury Foundation and architecture students from the University of Newcastle. The objective of the week-long visit was to design and build structures which support children’s health at a community-run childcare centre.
For the duration of the visit students stayed in the community, working and living side-by-side with local residents which provided a highly immersive experience and rich exchange of ideas.
Following the request of childcare centre founder Dona Meire a roof was constructed over a play space at the entrance of the centre. The roof allows the space to be used in all weather conditions as well as increasing passive cooling to the existing centre.
A twisting roof solution was developed for the covered space to reconcile the difference in roof angles of the two adjoining existing buildings. A suspended polycarbonate sheet was installed between the two buildings to cover the space between and serves as a gutter to capture rainwater.
Doors and benches were installed in the ‘watershed’ project constructed the previous year, to enable it to function as an outdoor classroom. Additional elements created included a tooth brushing station, a rope swing, as well as benches and landscaping to the outdoor classroom entry.

Local Community leader: Dona Meire.
Tutors / Coordination: Fernanda Cabral, Peter Stutchbury.
Local Community Health Liaison: Flávia Cabral.
Coordination support: Michael Phillips – Ateliervivo.
Students: Lily Freeman, Eliza Gay, Erica Johnson, D’Arcy Newberry Dupe, Joshua Moxey, Monil Manorchana Pandya, Derrick Chu, Alvin Claasz, Megan Kin.

Research Question: Structures to support children’s health and wellbeing.

Link: http://www.peterstutchbury.com.au/psa-foundation.html


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