Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park

Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park, Bedminster (United Kingdom) 2016

University of the West of England


The ‘Ebenezer Gate Pocket Park’ built on a long-standing relationship between Hands-on-Bristol and Bedminster Town Team to collaborate on the reuse of a small pocket of disused space on North Street, Bedminster. Through an active process of community co-creation and engagement, the idea of a storytelling park emerged. Curved benches for small groups and individuals were designed that create spaces for storytelling amongst new planting. The student project enabled the team to apply for funding to start the build process in collaboration with Hands-on-Bristol, architect George Lovesmith, maker Ooma and with timber donated by James Latham of Yate. The park was opened with live busking and storytelling and the inauguration of a local resident’s group- the ‘Ebenezer Angels’- to continue the evolution of the park. This successful transition to a community-based project gives the park a continuing life beyond the involvement of the university.

Client: Bedminster Town Team

Tutors: Dr. Rachel Sara, Dr. Matthew Jones, Sally Daniels

Other Facilitators: Ooma Design (fabricator), George Lovesmith (architect), Town Centred (regeneration consultant), Ben Barker (community activist), ‘Ebenezer Angels’ (community group)

Students: Connie Gregory, Anna Blaire-Brown, Amy Evered, Eve Zeltina

Research Question: How can participatory design processes be used to reclaim abandoned pockets of urban space?

Links: Hands on Bristol

0-10, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Curricular, Months, Propositional, Semi-permanent, Sponsorship, Students with tutor, Undergraduate, United Kingdom, West of England Univ.