Dor Marunt

P1230629 P1130829 P1130756Dor Marunt, Dor Marunt (Romania) 2011-12

Arhipera Group (Independent)

Dor Marunt is one of the community building projects run by the Arhipera group. Community building does not mean just houses for the people living in extreme poverty, but also working for providing jobs, education and social assistance. The project starts from the community and aims to empower it by delegating the decision. The community participates to the project from design to building.

The Dor Marunt project comprised:
– Building 4 new houses for the poorest families of the community
– Building a social centre for non-formal education
– Creating 2 social enterprises in the community: one of textile manufacturing and one of building/carpentry
– Running a social assistance program daycare centre, with 70-120 children/ day
– Qualifying 28 youngsters as masons
– Qualifying 9 local people as social mediators
– Organizing the 2012 Arhipera International Summer School in Dor Marunt

Budget: 10,000 USD/ house and 25,000 USD/social centre

Built area:   4 progressive houses, 36 -60sqm each and 1 social centre, 108sqm

Client: Soros Foundation Romania

Partners:  Dor Marunt Municipality (land and utilities) and Impreuna pentru ei Association (social assistance/education)


+, 11-50, Architecture, Arhipera, Client-funded, Commissioned, Extra-curricular, Permanent, Postgraduate, Romania, Students with other, Undergraduate, Years