Divisiones Espacios Bricks

Divisiones Sin-título-1 Sin-título-4Divisiones de Espacios Bricks, Medellin (Colombia) 2014

Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano

Due to high rates of extreme poverty present in the city of Medellin; the need for action was identified from the perspective of industrial design within the family home. We worked with the ANSPE (Agency National for Overcoming Extreme Poverty) on the project in the municipality of Bello.

The aim of the project was to achieve targets 32 and 33 of the ANSPE’s sustainable development goals, “The house has materials that they enable adequate physical infrastructure security and greater prosperity for family in terms of health” and “The house has lighting, natural ventilation and privacy”. 

This project enables people to create their own spaces and privacy. According to an article published by Mr. Rodriguez – in which he talks about the importance of privacy in our daily lives, and explains this as “a phenomenon, state or condition of the person, which gives the person the opportunity to concentrate, isolate, reflect and contemplate themselves in their environment. ” So we can conclude the importance of the concept of privacy in the project as a human condition for access to the process of relationship with individuals sharing common spaces.

Clients: Citizens in Medellin in extreme poverty

Facilitators: Paula Galeano, Jerson Monsalve, Daniel Patino

Research Question: How to improve the quality of lives of families living in extreme poverty?


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