Design for Common Good

Design for the Common Good International Exhibition

Five Live Projects Network projects are currently being exhibited in the Design for the Common Good International Exhibition in Denver, Colorado. A total of thirty examples of socially engaged work from six continents and twenty-two countries make up the complete exhibition. Congratulations and sincere thanks to contributors from LPN:

Grange Pavilion, Cardiff, UK (University of Cardiff)

Passerine Pavilion, Lawrence, Kansas, USA (University of Kansas)

Fish River Rangers Accommodation, Fish River Station, Northern Territory, Australia (University of South Australia)

Imagine Castlegate, Sheffield, UK (University of Sheffield)

Bong’s Place, Macassar, Western Cape, South Africa (University of Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Aachen University, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf)

Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Center for Visual Art Presents
Design for the Common Good International Exhibition
January 14 – March 19, 2022

Richly documented through artifacts, photography, plans, videos, and design process graphics, the exhibition tells the individual and collective stories of projects selected from within the five international design organizations that comprise the DCG network, including a curated selection of regional works. Exhibited according to key issues each project addresses, the Design for the Common Good International Exhibition brings the extraordinary value of public interest design to the forefront where projects across the globe share a profound connection to the social, economic, and environmental fabric of life.

Public interest design champions the direct involvement of communities and stakeholders in the design of buildings, environments, products, and systems. It is a practice that advocates for transferrable knowledge, evolving processes, and activating participation while tackling complex issues. Unified by a collective vision for the potential of public interest design, these projects feature community-centered processes led through participatory design, education, research, and design evaluation.

The exhibition was curated and organized by Lisa M. Abendroth, Professor of Communication Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver and co-founder of the SEED Network. Exhibition design includes a collaboration with faculty and undergraduate students from MSU Denver’s Communication Design program, Industrial Design department, and with the Center for Visual Art.

About Design for the Common Good

Design for the Common Good (DCG) is a coalition of networks committed to design practice, education, and research that improves social, economic, and environmental outcomes for its users. It promotes local accountability and maintains a global perspective while connecting designers, students, researchers, collaborators, and end-users, sharing best practices, stimulating and sustaining dialogue.

Currently five international networks represent this effort to support and promote systemic change in the practices of design with the intent of building on common ground. These networks are the Curry Stone Foundation, DesignBuildXchange, Live Projects Network, Pacific Rim Community Design Network, and the SEED Network. While each network has a unique focus, together they acknowledge a shared vision: supporting the growth of design for the common good.

DCG brings together international constituencies to connect and extend conversations stimulated through international conferences, awards, and exhibitions. The collaboration seeks to strengthen the confluence of forces needed to craft truly healthy, resilient, and sustainable design projects that create positive change in the world.