Denmead Cornerstone



IMG_1769rrrrrrDenmead Cornerstone, Denmead (UK) 2014

Portsmouth University

The ambition of this event was to assist the Client, Reverend Danny Paine-Winnett, by proposing inspiring, creative and beautiful design ideas to refurbish the existing Mead End Public House into a building that can be used by the local community of Denmead.

“We are trying to be a warm and welcoming family church with a passion for the communities in which we live and work, as well as partnering in other communities overseas.”
Denmead Baptist Church

Twelve Architecture and Interior Design students from the School of Architecture took part in the charrette making up four teams of Under-graduate students with a Post-graduate student as a group leader.

The event happened in the location, so the students were given the opportunity of a tour in the location guided by the client which helped them with the design process. After this an intensive design workshop was held for one day where the Denmead Baptist Church staff joined the Project Office team to assist students with designs and concepts. The day culminated in a presentation to the client and invited guests of the students strategies, concepts and final proposals for the re-generation of the community centre.

Client: Rev’d Danny Paine-Winnett

Tutors: Martin Andrews, Amy Walker, David Goodman

Students: Charlotte Brisland, Richard Griffiths, Anna Osbourne, Nathanael Wright, Katherine Turner, Harriet Sage, Naomi Ajayi, Olivia Tyrrell, James Norman, Harriet Fletcher, James Howells, Zara Anderson, Renata Ribeiro and Ralph Falivene.

Research Question:
Creating a new Church-lead Denmead Community venue accessible by all in the local and surrounding communities.

+, 11-50, Architecture, Client-funded, Collaboration, Days, Extra-curricular, Interior Design, Portsmouth Univ., Postgraduate, Propositional, Students with tutor, Undergraduate, United Kingdom