Critical Concrete

new-6 2 4-w-logoCritical Concrete,  Porto (Portugal) 2016

Critical Concrete (Independent)

In 2016, in the frame of the Actors of Urban Change programme, Critical Concrete will hold an innovative Architecture Summer School in Porto, centered around sustainable architecture and art in context.
In collaboration with the Junta de Freguesia do Bonfim, students and teachers will rehabilitate houses that will be included in the social housing programme Habitar.

In 2015, Critical Concrete was founded with the ambition of promoting a new model: the refurbishment of abandoned places for social housing and cultural initiatives through summer camp programmes centred around sustainable architecture and art in context.

Thus, the organisation aims to generate a cultural and social space in cohesion with a playground for architectural experimentation.

In the Summer Courses, we offer a completely unconventional and cutting edge program. We will work on innovative solutions for social housing, while simultaneously developing new working methods. Both students and young professionals will explore models of cooperative planning in interdisciplinary groups, design and build their projects, and engage with the surrounding communities.
Tutors: Bellastock (experimental architecture collective), Pedro Cavaco Leitão, (architect), Cultour (architectural tours), Matthias Einhoff (KUNSTrePUBLIK, artist), Saskia Hebert (Subsolar*, architect), Patrick Hubmann (constructLab, designer), Jan Körbes (REFUNC, architect), Miodrag Kuč (urbanist), Poligono, (architecture collective), Alexander Römer (constructLab), João Pedro Rosa (4iS, platform for social innovation), Colectivo Warehouse (architecture collective), Skrei (architect collective)
Research Question: To investigate methods of rehabilitating neglected communities through sustainable architect and contextual art.

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