Critical Concrete 2018

Critical Concrete, Porto (Portugal) 2018


Practice & Theory of Sustainable and Social Architecture

Critical Concrete promotes a new model to refurbish socially-relevant spaces – social housing, cultural centres, and public spaces – through educational programmes. We offer a summer school program for architecture, design students and makers who are interested in both the theory of sustainable architecture and getting physically involved in the construction work. In this process, summer school participants contribute to the thorough refurbishment projects that could not normally be afforded by the social housing occupants or covered in full by public funding.

On top of rehabilitating social housing, we also conduct refurbishment projects for cultural and public spaces. These projects serve as connective tissues in neighborhoods that we work closely with. In the Summer Course, we offer a completely unconventional and cutting edge programme. We will work on innovative solutions for social housing, while simultaneously developing new working methods. Both students and young professionals will explore models of cooperative planning in interdisciplinary groups, design and build their projects!

Facilitators: Theoretical Mentors 2018: Levente Polyak (Eutropian Urban Research & Action), Andreas Krüger (Belius), Lígia Nunes (architect, ASF International), Anja Planiscek (architect), Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse (urban researcher), Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira (architect, senior lecturer at UWE Bristol), Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli), Bellastock (experimental architecture collective), Christof Mayer (raumlaborberlin), Sameera Chukkapalli (architect, needlab), Skrei (architecture and artistic collective), Julia Krafft (architect, researcher & tutor).


Tutors: Practical Mentors in 2018: Samuel Kalika (Critical Concrete), João Moura (architect), Colectivo MEL (Wandering Architecture Office), Pedro Santos (architect).


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