Creative Woodwork

Capture10 IMG_3934 IMG_3953Creative Woodwork Prototyping Workshop, Recife/Olinda (Brazil) 2016

Ateliervivo (independent)

A collaborative project between Ateliervivo and local carpentry workshop Marcenaria Olinda, in which four salvaged hardwood planks were presented as the design constraints to inspire the creation of benches for use in a public space.

Over a two day weekend workshop, woodworking skills were taught alongside collective design-build processes. The design brief was left vague giving participants the opportunity to explore and express their own understandings of public space and address issues they felt most pressing. Two bench prototypes were developed, each exploring different ideas and qualities of the raw material.

Excited by the upcoming Carnaval, both designs conveyed a sense of playfulness and light-heartedness; one in the form of a dog, the other in a tessellating pattern able to be arranged in different configurations. Both prototypes focused on flexibility and diversity of use, putting the emphasis on the importance of choice for the user.

Throughout a fast-paced workshop, participants were challenged to continually reassess and refine their designs. Structural durability was a key issue with a need to strike a balance between a functional design, a desirable aesthetic and what was possible within the time and skill constraints.

The overall atmosphere of the workshop was positive and exciting, akin to the spirit of carnaval. Participants banded together to finish the prototypes on time and although exhausted, finished the weekend with a clear sense of pride and accomplishment.

Client: Local Residents of Olinda

Tutors: Michael Phillips, Lula Marcondes, Natan Nigro, Rachael Carter, Ancil de Souza

Other Facilitators: Marcenaria Olinda (Carpenters)

Students: Luciano Blanco, Luiz Carvalho, Joao Magalhaes, Mila Montezuma, Laura Pinheiro,Raoni Paiva Rafailov, Italo Vidal,Frederica Teixeira, Juliana Giname, Luisa Acioli, Eduarda Pires

Research Question: Creative reuse of salvaged planks as public seating

Link: Ateliervivo Facebook

11-50, Architectural Technology, Architecture, Ateliervivo, Brazil, Collaboration, Days, Extra-curricular, Permanent, Self-funded, Students with tutor, Urban Design