Creative Counterpart

Creative Counterpart: Experimental Furniture Workshop, Olinda (Brazil) 2017

AtelierVivo (Independent)

Two experimental woodwork and metalwork furniture prototyping workshops were hosted at the A Casa do Cachorro Preto gallery/bar as an accompanying program for an art exhibition by local artist/architect Lula Marcondes.

The theme of the workshops was to explore the idea of ‘give and take’: how inspiration and resources can be drawn from the setting to create intervention furniture pieces that enhance the particular spaces they will occupy.

The challenge of the workshop was to collaboratively work through a series of design-build considerations (understanding the context, master-planning, consensus-design, prototyping, construction and final reflection) within a fast-paced 2 day timeframe.
Several guest artists, carpenters and metalworkers were invited to help guide the process to create elements such as benches, bar tables, bike racks and entry statements using salvaged timber, metal and paint. Over the two workshops 6 elements were created that reinforced the character and offered new amenity to the gallery and bar space.

Client: A Casa do Cachorro Preto Gallery

Tutors:Michael Phillips, Lula Marcondes, Natan Nigro

Other Facilitors:Paula Santos, Demetrio Albuquerque, Ancil de Souza, Luca Lombardi, Rodrigo Cândido

Students: Beatriz Bosschart, Diogo Ortiz, Jullyana Menezes, Andrea Dias, Alice Nóbrega, Leila Farina, Luciano Blanco, Pollyana Navarro, Ivanildo da Silva, Daniel Guimarães, Mariana Duarte, Frida Lemos, Cristiano Borba, Fernanda Lins, Eduarda Pires, Beatriz Bossarth, Maíra Ferraz, João Martins, Lize Cunha, Aline Menezes

Research Question: How can custom furniture pieces that reinforce the characterand amenity of particular space be quickly made using salvaged materials?

11-50, Architecture, Ateliervivo, Brazil, Days, Extra-curricular, Initiated by institution, Permanent, Self-initiated, Students with tutor, Undergraduate