Converso e Movimento

Juizeiro do Norte, Ceara (Brazil) 2019

Faculdade Paraíso do Ceará – FAP / Ateliervivo / Cidade Quintal (Brazil)

As part of a lecture and workshop series to celebrate the first group of graduating architecture students from the Paraiso do Ceara University, Ateliervivo and Cidade Quintal were invited to facilitate a mural painting workshop. The workshop took place over 3 days in the low income Gesso community contributing to an ongoing movement of collective and individual initiatives that use art, gardening and cleaning to improve and shift the perception of the place.

Mural workshops were developed in response to 3 criteria;
Flexibility: to account for fluctuating details for funding, available materials, number of participants and mural locations.
Awareness and Celebration: bring attention to intangible or overlooked qualities within the local community.
Impact: Maximise opportunities for collective contribution and impact perception of the place.

Ateliervivo used a collection of predeveloped grid based designs to facilitate murals of local birds including the endemic Soldadinho do Araripe. Cidade Quintal hosted a one day community consultation workshop to gather insights from local residents informing a mural across 4 houses which celebrated festa junina traditions and local mestre Roxinha. The experience demonstrated an approach for the use of art as an effective means for education, community engagement and celebration of a place.

Client: Gesso Community

Community based support: Coletivo Camaradas; Museu e Escola de Artes Raimunda de Canena- lider

Tutors: Crato local community
Andre Moraes, FAP and LUE (Laboratorio Urbano Experimental), Tamires Cabral – FAP
Michael Phillips/ Chico Rocha – Ateliervivo
Juliana Lisboa /Renato Pontello – Cidade Quintal
Guest lecturer – Cesar Shundi Iwamizu

Students: Architecture students from Faculdade Paraíso do Ceará – FAP

Research Question: Approaches to collaborative mural painting workshops in response to flexibility, participation and shifting perception of a place.

+, 11-50, Architecture, Brazil, Days, Extra-curricular, Faculdade Paraíso do Ceará, Initiated by institution, Permanent, Self-funded, Students with tutor, Undergraduate