Construction in Bamboo

bambu-01 bambu-02 bambu-03Construction in Bamboo, Lima (Peru) 2015

University of San Martin de Porres

The project brief was to design and build a shaded area for students to relax and meet using bamboo as a construction material. The structure had to be designed in a week and then built in 10 days.

Structurally the proposal should be designed to achieve stability due to the geometric shape. It also had to be modular in order to organize  different construction teams working simultaneously to achieve a beautiful and original design.

Bamboo was the material of choice for design due to its qualities as an ecological material, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, affordable and with ample aesthetic, structural and formal qualities.

The built proposal was designed by student Angie Roncal and is based on the geometry of 3 main triangles forming a central pyramid. Three polyhedrons are suspended asymmetrically from the main three triangles, these are the elements that shade the central space. Triangular planes covered with jute fabric are combined with triangular planes covered with a grid of cane to achieve various shadow effects in the central space. The joints of the main elements were fixed with bolts and nuts.

Tutors: Rodrigo Amoros Figueroa, Harold Noriega Chavez

Students: Araujo Tomailla, Jenny Gianina, Baltazar Gomez, Mirella Guadalupe, Chavez Garcia, Jennifer Liz, Chavez Portugal, Diego Arturo, Flores Flores, Anaceli Diana, Guere Baluarte, Rebeca Elizabeth, Lingan Marcelo, Alexandra Elvira, Miñano Yanez, Daniela Renata, Nuñez Melgar Posadas, Maria Pia Pacheco Pilares, Maria Berajah, Perez Soria, Andrea Victoria, Pinedo Del Aguila, Romina Aracelli, Rojas Quispe, Karina Marlene, Roncal Villafuerte, Angie Esthepanie, Serna Cordova, Shadia Ximena Zambrano Briones, Anais Melyssa, Andrade Montoya, Angelly Rosmery, Bellido Quispe, Alejandra Nataly, Bodero Rossi, Karla Isabel, Caceres Montes, Jesus Emanuel, Ccoicca Pozo, Katherine Wanda, Fernandez Glenni, Valeria Stephanie, Giron Ramirez Aurora, Alexandra Enith, Hermoza Ugarteche, Ari Johan, Levano Marallana, Crhistel Alexandra, Mejia Martinez Lorena, Mori Pajares, Marco Aaron, Naupari Escobar, David Ismael, Rocha Vicente, Mayra Alejandra, Rodriguez Echaccaya, Andrea Belen, Veintemilla Jara, Alexandra Derice, Villar Bezada, Alfredo Stephan

Research Question: The project responds to the question of how important experience in physical construction is to students of architecture.  Experience within the construction of a project designed by themselves is an experience crucial in the training of architects.


11-50, Architecture, Collaboration, Curricular, Days, Peru, San Martin de Porres Univ., Self-funded, Semi-permanent, Students with tutor, Undergraduate