City Dressing



Love_SeatCity Dressing, London (UK) 2012

The CASS / London Metropolitan University

Eight ‘Conversation Pieces’ were delivered for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games as part of the GLA funded City Dressing project. The Conversation Pieces are large furniture objects conceived as ethnographic instruments to study cultures and habits, used by students to engage inhabitants of the City in conversations about themselves – their lives, their work and ways in which they experience London. The pieces have been developed from work created for a project titled ‘Mobile Sound Pieces’, within the Architecture Diploma Unit ‘Re-Imagining the City’ taught by Pierre d’Avoine and Daniel Serafimovski at the Cass School of Architecture.

During the academic year, seventeen students in their 4th and 5th Year worked in groups to design and fabricate six large furniture and musical objects. CASS Projects has co-ordinated, supported and curated the pieces being crafted and delivered as a series of live installations that have been located on various sites throughout the City including Christchurch Spitalfields, Thames Path at Millennium Bridge and outside St Paul’s Cathedral. The events were celebrated at an evening event outside The Bank at Central House on the 6th September, and included a performance by 12 drummers on the Music Boxes, and a party around the Conversation Pieces on the pavement.

Tutors: Pierre D’Avoine and Daniel Serafimovski.

Students: Alessio Fini, Andrew barkley, Chris Perry, Dalina Gashi, Duna Irshaid, Filiz Erol, George gingell, Hamid Reza, James Woodward, Jon Williams, Judit Laczik, Kate McTiernan, Louise Armour, Nicola Chan, Rosie Jones

Research Question:
How does the Diploma Unit 5 project ‘Conversation Pieces’ consider the ethnography in the City of London during the Olympic and Paralympic period?

Link: Cassprojects

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