City Center Regeneration

poster a1 Ricky-Burke_Plymouth_Srodki-ProdukcjiCity Center Regeneration, Zielona Góra (Poland), 2012

Plymouth University

This project started on invitation from BWA Zielona Gora, the local, funded by Zielona Gora City Council art gallery and culture centre to contribute to ongoing discussion concerning future of the city centre. This collaboration comprises of two elements: Firstly, 2nd year Master of Architecture students were invited to the city (accommodation, partly food and partly transport was paid by BWA Zielona Góra) to spend 2 weeks there, working with local residents and local associations (also in collaboration with local University) to collect data necessary for the project.

Secondly, based on collected data (interviews, pictures, drawings, maps etc.) students have been working the whole academic year to produce urban strategies – creating strategic visions for Zielona Góra development (term 1) and building designs for a range of areas in the city centre and other important parts of the city. Projects produced by students were exhibited in the city (BWA Zielona Góra) and discussed locally – also in local media.

Client: BWA Zielona Góra

Local Partners: Zielona Góra City Council, Zielona Góra University (Architecture Department) and Zielonagórskie Perspektywy (local residents’ association)

Tutors: Bob Brown (Tutor) and Krzysztof Nawratek (M Arch Program Leader)

Students: Lawrence Baulch, Glen Bickers, Ricky Burke, Seong Cheah, Catherine Crozier, Hugo Davies, Jo Horner, Luke Hosking, Kathryn Hutson, Stylianos Karouzakis, Panagiota-Charalampia Oikonomakou, Efthimia Papaefthimiou, Aimi Roslan, Katie Sammons, Robert Sawyer, Alexander Screech, Timothy Unsworth, Madhusha Wijesiri, Michelle Williams, Robert Williams, Julia Wilson

Research Questions: What are the alternative models to neo-liberal regeneration strategies that respond to changing ecological, economic, social and political contexts? / What are the opportunities for re-industrialisation of the city and what forms might they take? / What is the political context of projects and how can we use this to support delivery?

Links: Urban StrategiesBuilding Proposals

+, 11-50, Analytical, Architecture, Client-funded, Commissioned, Curricular, Months, Plymouth Univ., Poland, Postgraduate, Self-funded, Students with tutor